Atlantic Council of Croatia was founded on 26th of May 2000 in Zagreb and it has been an associated member of the Atlantic Treaty Association since 3rd of November 2000. The main incentive to its founders was the necessity of promotion of the idea of Euro-Atlanticism, education of Croatian citizens and admission of our country into the Euro-Atlantic structures. A group of intellectuals actively involved in scientific and practical work in the field of national and foreign policy, headed by distinguished professor and president of the Atlantic Council of Croatia Radovan Vukadinović recognized the need to establish firm cooperation with both, domestic and foreign institutions in order to raise public awareness about the issues mentioned above. They were also aware of the benefits coming from an active cooperation with regional, European and other international partners that are important not only for Croatia but for broader Euro-Atlantic community.

The main goal of the Atlantic Council of Croatia is to observe activities and policies of NATO, to educate and inform the public in order to raise awareness about the importance of the Euro-Atlantic integrations but the most important to create the network between all these countries and institutions so we could easily fulfill our joint goals and to make this world a better and more secure place to live. To fulfill these tasks we organized number of lectures, seminars, conferences on the national and international level that give opportunity to people from different countries to meet each other and to remove the stereotypes. Members of the Atlantic Council of Croatia publish appropriate books and journals and run the researches that give us directions on what to focus in our work. Because our efforts already showed satisfactory results that we are proud of we attend to continue with all these activities in the future but with more experience and knowledge. 

Croatia became a NATO member state at the Kehl/Strasbourg summit in April 2009. For the Atlantic Council of Croatia this was just partly a realization of its founding goals, but still there is a lot of work to do in terms of educating and informing Croatian population about NATO membership, obligations and benefits resulting from it, historical development, transformation as well as about the current role of the Alliance.

The Atlantic Council of Croatia

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According to the guidelines of integration politics of the European Union, Middle, Eastern and Southern Europe form an important focus of the international project work of the Hanns-Seidel Foundation. In tis efforts for integration into the EU and adjustment of the corresponding standards, accession candidates and potential applicants require sustainable, concrete help.

Constitutional democracy, development and internal safety are mutually dependent and need a networked strategy approach. The Hanns-Seidel Foundation has been working with a dedicated office in Croatia since 1997. The focus of project work is primarily on the promotion of political culture, constitutionality, justice, community self-administration. The training and further training measures are to contribute to a transparent, citizen-related administration. Promotion of interregional cooperation as a starting point for crisis prevention and democratic stabilisation complete the project work.

The target groups of our project work in Croatia comprise employees of public service, young politicians, community functionaries and experts and decision-makers from the administration, science, economy, society. More than 20,000 participants have taken part in various workshops, technical conferences and seminars in the meantime. Some have also studied in the country or in other European countries.



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